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Dictionary Improvements

The interesting thing about making web sites and cool features is that not every feature is cool to everyone. Sometimes a feature can be annoying. I’ve found that out about the auto-suggest feature. So I’ve added the option to disable auto-suggest. It’s snuggled right underneath the Search button. I’ve made a space called “options” so that you can get to these settings, and they take up little space. See below:

New dictionary options box

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I also moved the Korean dictionary to a little keyboard button on the right side of the search box. This gets the keyboard out of your way and takes up less space vertically so you don’t have to scroll so much.

New Korean keyboard location and button


You might have noticed that space is a running theme here. People have told me they have scroll quite a bit to see results from their searches, and I’ve been trying to fix that. Hence some of the changes here.

Scrolling too much? If you are on a low-resolution screen and don’t have that much screen real estate, click this funny little arrow button on the right of the menu bar. And just click it again to go back to normal view.

The screen maximizer button

Until next time, keep practicing.


And to those who are wondering why I don’t make the price more obvious (which I really try to do), I bumped up the font and added color on the registration page.

And another:

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Later, folks.