Here's what's up at zKorean…

Introducing ReadyPrompt

Keep Calm and Trust ReadyPrompt

You may know that ReadyPrompt is the parent company of zKorean. If not, that’s OK. I run it, and recently converted the business to an LLC. So I’ll be updating some copy on the site, and updating accounts to move them away from the name zKorean and change them to ReadyPrompt.

So what does this mean to you? Not much. The services won’t change at all. Just some names.  So if you are a subscriber, you’ll see “READYPROMPT” on your Paypal or Amazon Payments charge on your credit card, not “ZKOREAN”.  I just didn’t want you to be alarmed and call your credit card company asking about charges from ReadyPrompt.

Also, for new subscribers, you’ll see the seller in PayPal as ReadyPrompt. No worries. Again, it’s just me.

I’ll be sending out an e-mail notice to all subscribers once this change is made.

That’s all. Nothing to see here.