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I’ve Been Crazy Busy Improving zKorean

For the last few months, I’ve been working on something that I’d put off for years – working on a translation engine. I know that the dictionary on zKorean was not as comprehensive as it should be, and I also knew that I needed to have a way for people to be able to search for words that were in more conversational form instead of dictionary form.

So I had an idea: when people search for words, see if I can find a translation from the massive amount of data I’ve collected over the years. This is general translation data that I’ve purchased over the years, with the thought that I could do something fantastic with it.

So I was able to organize it in a way that allows me to hit it when I need to look up something short. Then when you search the dictionary or click a word in the translation helper and it isn’t found, I’ll check for it in my data set.  And if it’s there and passes a number of checks, I add it into the dictionary results. Then you immediately get the results!  You will find the word you’re looking for.

translation helper

What this means is that as others search the dictionary, the dictionary improves – and grows.  So over the next few months and years, the dictionary will become huge.

You may not see the word you’re looking for when typing in the autocomplete box. But keep typing to the end of the word, and if we have it, it will show up:

autocomplete - foodie

So you won’t see a fancy new redesign, but know that now there is a shiny, powerful engine under the hood.

However, it’s not perfect, and may give you odd results from time to time, but since this was a huge undertaking involving data generated by humans and a computerized understanding of language (with little context), there will be bugs. I’ll be monitoring what comes through and making adjustments for a while until I’m comfortable with it.

Thank you for your patience!

  • sahar

    thank you very much. your site is the best korean dictionary site.

  • John Washam

    I greatly appreciate that!

  • akkue

    II’m so happy about this!!! Can’t thank you enough!